GTMA Monza

Savoir ce qu'est la GTMA :

The 'GTMA Championship' is a virtualone-make championship organisedby the GTMA (Gran Turismo Maroc) team, on the driving simulator platform 'Gran Turismo Sport', onPlayStation 4.
The 1st season of this one-makechampionship grid, will be reservedfor the Mercedes-AMG GT3 '16 car.Thanks to BoP (Balance ofPerformance), the drivers will bedependent on their skills since all ofthem will be driving cars thatmatches performance.


- Dive bombs and pushing others offtrack from the side are strictlyprohibited.
- Forcing another driver off track isprohibited.
- Brake checks are prohibited.
- Respecting the blue flag ismandatory for all drivers.
- Swear words and insults in thechat are prohibited, under penaltyof being immediately kicked out ofthe lobby.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : If you everhappen to be victim of one of theabove-mentioned cases and wish tomake a claim, PM us the details, anda decision on the matter will be madeafter reviewing the replay.

COMMUNICATION : The drivers will be added to agroupchat on PlayStation 4, as wellas on Facebook Messenger for moreefficient communication between allparties (drivers & organisation).